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Fred Warmuth was a young, certified P.E. teacher, specialized in swimming, tennis and ski. He was keenly aware that any swim learning tools should keep the child in the perfect swimming position. However, none of the available flotation devices available at the time achieved that goal. So one day he decided to develop the ULTIMATE tool himself.

The perfect swim-learning tool had to offer maximum safety to even the most fearful children while allowing enough freedom of movement to their arms to allow them to learn the technically correct way of swimming from the start.
It took a couple of years of tinkering but the SWIMTRAINER "Classic"" was born.

The development of the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" in three different sizes – to conform to age and learning process of the child – fulfilled the certified P.E. teacher Fred's goal and mission: "Fun in the Water, Safely".

The patented SWIMTRAINER "Classic" offers babies and children the following:

  • ◦the best possible swimming position and support in the water
  • specialised, early support of the natural swim reflex in infancy.
  • independent movement in the water
  • sufficient freedom of movements in the arms
  • learning of the correct swimming technique thanks to the three step learning system
  • fast and easy to attach
  • TÜV tested, approved by the strictest German safety regulator, phthalate free.

    As you can see in childhood photos I, his daughter Michaela, learned to swim with traditional inflatable wings and rings.
    Swim lessons were very tedious and it took a long time because the wings inhibited arm movements and the ring did not provide the perfect position or stability and balance in the water.

    Today, as the owner of FREDS SWIM ACADEMY GmbH I am very happy and proud to be able to direct this successful family owned business, together with a dynamic team of swim teachers and instructors and importers in the whole world.

    It is wonderful to see that Fred's invention is spreading globally and helping countless children on a daily basis to enjoy the water in safety! Just like our motto: Fun in the Water, Safely!

    We wish all children and parents more fun and joy with our quality, lovingly designed products from the House of "FREDS". Furthermore, we are very grateful for all the beautiful photos and thank you messages happy children and parents are sharing with us.

    Warm regards,

    Michaela Warmuth-Rüd



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