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Baby Harris used to be very anxious when it comes to contact with water aII the time.
We understand baby swimming has so many benefits, such as it helps to develop their muscles & joints, improves the strength of their heart and lungs function, strengthen brain connection and a lot more.
With Swimtrainer he has totally overcome his fear and anxiety of swimming now, surprisingly he absolutely enjoys playing in the pool. He can kick and paddle at the same time.
SWIMTRAINER "classic" is specially designed to take into account the age and capabilities of the child. The natural swimming reflexes of toddlers ("frog reflex") can be stimulated at an early age and then gradually introduce the child to the correct style of swimming through playing and various exercises with the child. Harris can always lay in the perfect swimming position.
Truly thanks to FRED SWIM ACADEMY Germany to allow us to have more bonding time with Baby Harris. Swimming has now become our frequent activity on weekends.

Thanks for this wonderful product - Charley had great fun in the SWIMTRAINER.

Charley on Lanzarote

Kind regards from Lanzarote,

Liebes FREDS-Team,

unser Sohnemann liebt seinen SWIMTRAINER.
Viele Grüße

Thank you for the great product
We will share with you the new picture of our daughter and her swimtrainer, she is super happy and relaxed in it and its super easy to use :) thank you soo much for this super swimring

Dear Sir/Madam

our baby has just turned 6 months last week and we kick started his first Swimming experience with the Fred’s Swimtrainer purchase. 

It’s an amazing float; he did not cry at all when we placed him into the Swimming pool for the first time. The support and sturdiness of the swimtrainer definitely helped to reassure him of the safety inside the water.

Thank you for such a wonderful product. 

Best regards

Ye Vonn & Nicholas

Singapore 6544 XS
This baby has a lot of safe fun in our SWIMTRAINER "Classic" - take a look to the video

Aqui os mando la foto del primer contacto que tuvo mi principe Izotz con la mar...

Rebeka G.Mi_principe
Dear Michaela & Jürgen
Thank you for your quick response! I am excited that you liked the photos of my wonderful son. Swimtrainer is a wonderful product. It helped my baby have an awesome first experience at the sea and it helped him feel confident to swim independently and love the sense of swimming. So thank you very much, it is one of the best "investments" we did last summer! :)))
It is really lovely, well made and most importantly (this is what both Stefanos and me feel) it has helped our son to have an exciting first experience at the sea. You understand that many babies are afraid of the sea and they cry and they don't want to approach the seaside.
With the help of SWIMTRAINER, we had the most wonderful holidays and we loved to see our son enjoy swimming so much! Honestly, most people at the beach kept shooting photos of him because he enjoyed it so much that it was a lovely thing to watch!
I would love to see George-Michael's photos and video at your website. We are big fans of SWIMTRAINER and would love to spread the word about it even further. I decided to send you the photos because all the photos i've seen was mainly from swimming pools, where the water is calm and still, and i wanted to share the fact that babies feel safe while swimming in the sea too.
Thank you very much for considering sending us a "thank you" present for George-Michael!
This is exciting!! :)
Kindest regards,
Marea, George-Michael and Stefanos
Life & Relationship Coach



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