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01. February 2018
Using our SWIMTRAINER „Classic“ for children with special needs varies based on the needs of your child.The success of any therapeutic device always depends on the child’s needs and abilities, mental and/or physical restrictions, head control, stability of body, weight, age, behaviour in water, fears, and special requirements. Trying a new device...
20. November 2014
Sun protection is vitalChildren's skin is very thin and therefore extremely sensitive. Up until the age of 8 children's skin does not have a sufficient self protection mechanism like that of adults. Even in the case of light redness the skin and immune system of the child suffer irreparable damages. Sun burn as a child also severley...
14. February 2013
Our Russian importer won the following awards:Golden Bear Award 2013, Best Children Award 2010
25. February 2015
Please visit our booth 09.602 while the fair "Negen Maanden Beurs" between February, 25th and March, 1st.
15. March 2015
MevaCon S- 175 - Ngày 15/3/2015
20. November 2014
Correct Use the Frog Reflex during Baby Swimming. Babies are born with the frog reflex. Therefor they can propel themselves independently in the water using the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" starting at the age of 12 weeks. It securely supports babies in the correct swimming position and they develop a...
14. February 2014
Our SWIMTRAINER "Classic" won the bizziebaby Award and the GOLD Award from Family Review Center.
20. November 2014
How to care for your baby after swimming. The baby's skin is five times thinner than that of an adult. Therefore it needs mild and gentle care. This is very important especially after swimming. Here are a few tips for correct baby care after...
14. January 2015
Freddie is smiling happily on our small, softball that is perfect for: Rolling Tossing Crunching Stress reduction Muscle developmentRecommended for Children ages 3 and upMade from PU foam materialdiameter:6cm (0.24")Even the youngest babies can...
20. November 2014
Early Boost through Baby Swimming.Positive for the mental and physical development of the child. Parents can lay the foundations for their child’s positive life long relationship with water as early as in infancy. It is sensible to start swimming with the baby from the age of 12 weeks, because at that time the...



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